New Beginnings

A lot of crappy things have happened recently which, collectively, have lead to a rather unexpected opportunity. I’m currently taking some time out to reassess everything and it’s nice to have a chance to go back to square one and erase my preconcieved notions of what my life was to be. Before I can start on all that, however, I need a bit of time to myself to relax, gather my thoughts and prepare myself for setting off on this journey of self-discovery and new direction.

That all seemed great until I realised that years and years of studying, working and generally pushing myself to do things have left me unable to enjoy more than one day off. It’s been 2 days now and I’m feeling thoroughly inactive and really rather bored. This has caused me to turn to the internet where I feel I can waste all of our time on expressing my views on the world. Currently trying to escape from my thought-box are feelings about UK tuition fees and tonight’s US mid-terms. Lord knows what will push its way to the front first, and tomorrow I’ll no doubt be pondering completely different issues; at least I now have a place to vent them all 🙂

If you’ve stuck with me far enough to read all this then I imagine we’ll get on. Thanks for reading and I will try to keep this interesting for you!


JadeE x


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