SNP let us down on Equal Marriage… again!

Yesterday we were hoping to hear the SNP announce their support for Equal Marriage following the consultation.

Instead, they let us down by delaying once again.

Willie Rennie has commented on the issue, saying that SNP are risking their credibility, and I agree!

The definition of marriage has evolved over many years and I think it’s up to each couple to definie it for themselves as no two couples will take the same thing from their union. Some people marry for religious reasons and want to feel that they’re doing right in the eyes of their diety. Some people marry for the ceremony, they may consider themselves already married but want to make a statement of commitment in front of their friends and family. Some couples marry so they can share a name (with eachother and/or with their children). Some people marry for the security it offers in terms of property ownership etc.

Whatever the reason for marriage, it boils down to this: it is the union of two people who love eachother.

That should be ANY two people in love.

There’s no reason to delay a decision on such an important issue of Civil Liberties and Human Rights, especially when it seems that most of Scotland are in favour. I wrote to my own MSPs recently about the issue and most of them (including SNP’s Derek Mackay) got back to me to confirm that they are in favour of equal marriage legislation. So come on, First Minister, it’s up to you to make this happen!


4 thoughts on “SNP let us down on Equal Marriage… again!

  1. Isn’t it worth waiting a few days to ensure that there are no legal loopholes? This legislation is going to be challenged by the religionists in whatever way they can find. It’s more important that it’s done right than done fast. Especially when “delay” means less than a couple of weeks.

    Willie Rennie is a tosser whose only interest is scoring political points against the SNP. You do your case no good at all by quoting him.

      • What “delays”? The announcement was promised before the end of July. It was made well before then. And the Scottish Government had already made its support for the legislation clear. Otherwise there would be no legislation.

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